Performance at Reboot: Text links, postproduction and further discussion

After performing at this year’s Reboot conference in Copenhagen, June 1st, me and Magnus promised to make the lecture text available through our respective blogs.

Here it is: PERFORMANCE – Copies & contexts in the age of cultural abundance.

(It’s also posted on Nettime, re-posted on, and in a slightly different version at my blog.)

Also available are slides [PDF, 8 MB], as well as a low quality video recording of the whole thing.

Yesterday, I talked at the Academy of Fine Arts, here in Vienna; combining parts of the music-centered Performance-talk (including the Walpurgis stuff, of course) with parts from last year’s Grey commons talk and this spring’s (Swedish, now hastily translated) talk about The collapse of copyright. This resulted in a rather tentative assemblage of themes, which will be reworked and refined a lot before upcoming talks in the late summer. I found the reactions from the audience – most of them being (young, male) attendants of a pirate party conference – quite stimulating.

A kind of condensed version of the Performance talk, was given by Magnus at yet another music economy seminar. It’s brilliant – you should definitely read it!
This quite short piece also integrates an experience that has struck us as more significant during the recent month or so – that the record industry people does understand, better and better, that free sharing of files are here to stay. They really, reeeeally want to innovate, but still follow a “content industry” logic – with the disastrous result that they want to eat the “2.0“-cake, without accepting the “1.0” basics of internet as a communication medium.

Magnus also evolves on the “nihilist” problematic around the future of music – this “transitionary period” that we go deeper into, as the value of recorded objects decreases with the increasing accessibility – underlining that it can lead both to a more active and a more passive relation to music. Extremely important stuff, which I also yesterday after my speech here in Vienna had the great pleasure to discuss (in German! I impress myself!) with my former WG-mate Martin. He’s a long-haired philosophy student, always wrestling with Adorno and Deleuze, who provided some very thoughtful input about how to conceptualize performativity while discussing the future of music. (Notes to self: Ereignis/Erlebnis? Analytic/empirical? Bataille/Verschwendung.)

More comments and thoughts around performance, music, copies, contexts and the age of cultural abundance would be extremely welcome, as it feels like we’ve only begun to explore this field. I’ll add more links to this list, if I find more:

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